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Bottle of Kurashizuku Sake

Bottle of Lurgashall Mead
Bottle of Viking Blod Mead
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Our Sake and Mead Collection
Sake – Japanese Fermented Rice Wine

We are currently carrying 6 different Sakes of various styles. We choose only quality Sake from renowned producers.

Sake is widely referred to in English as "rice wine". However, this designation is not accurate. The production of alcoholic beverages by multiple fermentation is more characteristic of beer than wine. Also, there are other beverages known as "rice wine" that are significantly different from sake. In Japan sake is served cold, warm or hot, depending on the preference of the drinker, the quality of the sake and the season. Sake is one of the few alcoholic beverages that is regularly consumed hot. Typically, hot sake is consumed in winter and cold sake is consumed in summer.

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For information & tasting notes on the various Sakes that we carry please visit:

Mead-An Ancient Fermented Honey-Based Beverage

Mead is a honey-based fermented beverage that has been produced and enjoyed since before the dawn of recorded history. If you've never tasted mead, you're missing out! Mead comes in a dazzling array of flavors, depending the type of honey, the brewing process that is used and the added things like fruit, herbs, spices and even peppers. Mead makers for thousands of years have made meads flavored with exotic spices, flowers, herbs and just about every kind of fruit you can imagine! Mead can be as sweet as a maiden's kiss, or as dry as a desert, or any place in between.

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For information & tasting notes on the various Meads that we carry please visit

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Bottle of Special Reserve Mead
Don't be afraid to try new wine

Don't be afraid to try new wine.

All of our wines are purchased from local distributors. We receive deliveries 3 times a week. Therefore if you are having a function and need wine in a hurry, we can obtain it for you. No order is too large or small. We offer special pricing on full cases.

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Thank you for choosing Swett's Hogan Road Deli & Convenience as your specialty wine store.

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